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Raploch Regeneration - Housing

This new housing in Raploch will support the City Development Framework, a programme to position Stirling as an economic and cultural powerhouse, as housing plays an essential role in promoting economic growth and social justice."

Johanna Boyd | Council Leader | Stirling Council

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Over 300 affordable new homes in the regeneration of Raploch, Stirling.

Robertson Regeneration has entered into a partnership with Stirling Council to deliver 313 new affordable homes in the Raploch area of Stirling by 2022, as part of a long-term regeneration project.

Design and masterplanning of the whole project has been procured through our Major Works Scotland framework, with the construction of the homes delivered in partnership with Robertson Partnership Homes.

Robertson Partnership Homes will manage four separate sites in the Raploch area, delivering homes for affordable rent to be managed by Stirling Council, as well as for two other housing associations.

Raploch in Stirling has already undergone significant regeneration with a new school, community campus and housing built to tackle the issues of deprivation and poverty that the area had suffered over several years.

This project will generate an income stream for the Raploch URC (Urban Regeneration Company) for the duration of the construction period, to fund employability initiatives within Stirling.

Volumetric construction will be used on the project, to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase time certainty. Modules are produced off-site in factory conditions.

Once complete, each module will be delivered to site where it will be connected to foundations and finished to the required specification.

Following the design guidance of the Raploch masterplan, there will be a unified palette of wall and roof materials, and fittings such as doors and windows.

The next phase of regeneration in Raploch will create an overall environment that gives the community something tangible that they can be proud of, with homes, streets and open spaces of high quality.

As part of their framework commitment to delivering extensive community benefits, Robertson are providing work experience and apprenticeship opportunities to deliver maximum value to the local community, as well as using a strong local supply chain to ensure that project spend remains local.

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July 2022

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Raploch aerial photo creative commons stock image1

An aerial view of Raploch

Raploch Site 8 Raploch Road 40 homes under SCAPE Residential sketches Graham Connor 05 grey panels

CGI of the proposed housing development

Raploch Katherine Mackintosh and Alastair Bain Robertson Regeneration1

Katherine Mackintosh, Managing Director | Robertson Regeneration and Alastair Bain, Head of Project Management | Robertson Group

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