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Update your residential buildings with safe and compliant cladding

New residential cladding rules are now in place

Defining an appropriate and timely response will be critical to ensuring safety and compliance.

Government has announced plans for local authority and privately owned residential building owners to undertake recladding works to replace non-compliant, hazardous facades.

All our delivery partners have the necessary competencies to operate with assurance in the heavily regulated recladding market. And they can be accessed quickly, underpinned by a performance management process that will ensure quality delivery and peace of mind that your project has been executed to the highest standard.

From initial risk assessments, through to planning and collaborative delivery, we're ready to help you make the changes you need.

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Assess your requirements

There are many factors to consider when embarking upon a recladding project.

The starting point is the completion of a thorough assessment so you have a full understanding of project requirements.

Actively engage with the residents from the outset so they are clear about the purpose, need and impact of the work.

The team delivering the work must have the correct experience. All materials and cladding systems must meet the new stringent regulations for recladding high-risk buildings.

Whatever recladding is needed, our direct award frameworks are fully compliant and provide free feasibility and budget costing.

How we can support you

Peace of mind

Access a network of approved specialists that are ready to reclad your building, through our delivery partners Willmott Dixon, Wates and Kier.

All of our delivery partners have the necessary competencies and abilities to operate with assurance in the heavily regulated recladding market.

  • Specialist supply chain
  • Technical expertise
  • A commitment to safe delivery

Speed, certainty and value

Our direct award frameworks have already been procured, meaning you can quickly and reliably have your building reclad with complaint products.

To ensure that the project runs smoothly, with embedded value and in full compliance with the regulations, we actively performance manage all projects from the moment it is agreed, through to handover.

  • Rapid delivery
  • Early contractor involvement
  • Active performance management

Delivering fully compliant cladding

Willmott Dixon’s pre-qualified specialist supply chain will ensure that all materials meet or exceed the new stringent regulations for recladding high risk buildings.

They will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure that you have a no surprises journey as you seek to strengthen the safety standards of your property.

They also have extensive experience of working within live environments.

  • Competent support team
  • Detailed risk assessment
  • Live environment experience.
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PDF guide

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Download our free guide to updating your residential buildings with safe and compliant cladding though our delivery partner, Willmott Dixon.

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