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DocuSign webinar 2024

Discover how you can optimise your projects using secure and compliant software for your built environment projects.

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26th March 2024
12:00 - 13:00


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Digitise your project's processes

DocuSign is a cutting-edge digital solution that has reshaped and transformed the management of documentation, whilst ensuring easy access, security, and compliance.

SCAPE currently use DocuSign to manage the project documentation process which has enabled clients to easily send, sign and manage all their contracts in one place.

In this webinar, we'll uncover the key features and benefits that make DocuSign an indispensable tool for construction professionals seeking to accelerate timelines, reduce costs, and boost overall project efficiency whilst lowering their carbon footprint.

What our expert panel will discuss

The session will feature:

  • An introduction to what DocuSign is, and why it's an important platform for your digital construction contracts
  • The benefits and opportunities of using DocuSign
  • An exploration into how DocuSign ensures compliance, provides security and creates efficiency
  • Q&A
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Find out how DocuSign can accelerate your built environment projects.

Who you’ll meet

Sophie Cook headshot resized for web

Sophie Cook
Technical Contracts Lead

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Simon Chappel
General Counsel

Emily Gordon Docu Sign

Emily Gordon
Account Executive | Real Estate & Construction