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SCAPE Construction is designed to accelerate your essential projects and deliver them to the highest possible standard.

Over 1,000 public bodies have placed their trust in our direct award approach.

So straight away, you’ll be able to start a conversation with a delivery team of the highest calibre.

Every one of our construction partners have evidenced that they are the very best that industry has to offer.

The rigour of our procurement approach has established that they are collaborative, dynamic, innovative, highly capable and entirely committed to achieving value for money and the very best results for you and your communities.

And they will ensure that delivery sits at the heart of your community.

Each TeamSCAPE delivery partner is supported by an extensive local supply chain, so you can be sure that the money you invest locally, stays there. And we’ll be will be with you - as part of your team - at every step of the way.

Together, we’ll make sure you enjoy a positive project experience and all of your success criteria are met.

Together, we can build great things.

Award 1
Robertson Spanish City Whitley Bay
Jeakins Weir St Crispins Community Centre
Website stats1
Website stats7
Seddon 3
WD Lincoln City Hub
On time Public
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Tell us your project location and budget, and we’ll help you find the right delivery partner in your region.

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We’re ready to help you deliver speed, efficiency and value. To use any of our frameworks, a simple form called an Access Agreement needs to be signed. Or if you need any more support contact us.

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We can support you at every stage of your procure journey, from finding a framework to our access agreements or viewing our live procurement projects.

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Live Procurement Portal

Keep up to date with our live and upcoming procurement activities, attend a forthcoming market awareness event and download important documents here.

FrameworkStatusExpected award date
Arc partnership stack logo Sem Rev RGB Contract Notice Issued December 2022 Visit Arc Partnership General Building framework
SCAPE Primary Logo Globe White ITT stage in progress July 2022 Visit SCAPE Regional Construction framework
SCAPE Primary Logo Globe White ITT stage in progress November 2022 Visit SCAPE Civil Engineering framework
SCAPE Primary Logo Globe White ITT stage in progress November 2022 Visit SCAPE Scotland Civil Engineering framework
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Find your regional contact

Our teams are locally based, ensuring that local knowledge and expertise is embedded into every project.

Your local contacts are not only employed purely because of their technical capabilities, but also because they have lived and worked in your region for many years. They are ready to advise you about our services and to help you to achieve the superior project and community outcomes you seek.