Contract Paperwork 190822 182054

Our next generation Regional Construction framework

Live procurement

PQQ evaluation in progress

Cumulative value:

Framework period:
4 years

Expected award date:
July 2022

NEW Regional Construction framework

We are pleased to announce that we have submitted a Contract Notice to procure our next generation Regional Construction framework to serve the Midlands and East of England, which is fully compliant with the UK's procurement regulations.

Following engagement with public sector clients, the latest enhancements to the framework will provide further flexibility by offering a client commercial choice option in addition to a direct award procurement pathway, as part of the contractor selection process.

An important new feature of the framework is the lifecycle agreement that will be supported by the successful delivery partners, which will enable the adoption and achievement of ambitious sustainability goals and deliver vastly improved buildings performance and support an effective response to the climate emergency.

Framework structure

The framework will operate for a period of four years from 2022 to 2026.

It is envisaged that each lot across the framework will be open to bids from individual organisations, consortia, joint ventures or other similar arrangements.

We will look to appoint a single entity to each lot across the framework.

RCF Framework Map v6

Lot 1 | North West
Lot value: £150m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 2 | North West
Lot value: £150m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 3 | North East
Lot value: £150m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 4 | North East
Lot value: £150m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 5 | South West
Lot value: £37.5m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 6 | South West
Lot value: £37.5m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 7 | South East
Lot value: £37.5m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

Lot 8 | South East
Lot value: £37.5m, Project value: £0 - £7.5m

The cumulative value is expected to be £750m over the duration of the framework.

The Contract Notice is available to view via Contracts Finder UK and Find a Tender service.

Access codes for bidders

SCAPE is using the Delta e-Sourcing platform to manage this procurement.

To access the procurement documentation, bidders must log in to Delta (or create a new account), navigate to the 'Response Manager' section and add the relevant access code from the list below to view all documents.

Lot nameAccess code
Lot 1 - 2BRU4AZ739R
Lot 3 - 44YXE7S2362
Lot 5 - 6WBSTKU893Q
Lot 7 - 88X865P4S7T

PQQ Submission Deadline

The deadline for PQQ submissions is 12:00pm on Friday 24th September 2021.

Please ensure to allow plenty of time for submission of documentation, as no expressions of interest will be accepted after this deadline.

Procurement timetable

Issue PINJune 2021
Market EngagementJune - August 2021
Market Awareness Webinar24 June 2021
Issue Contract NoticeAugust 2021
PQQ StageSept - Dec 2021
PQQ - Deadline for Submission12pm - 24 Sept 2021
ITT StageDec - June 2022
ITT - Deadline for Tender Submission12pm - 11 Feb 2022
Notification of Intent to AwardJune 2022
Confirmation of AwardJuly 2022
Expiry of current Regional Construction framework26 August 2022