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GRAHAM is a private, family-owned company with a history built on integrity and responsibility, with a continuous record back to when John Graham set up in Dromore, County Down in 1878.

Our growth as a forward-thinking company is firmly focused around today’s important construction issues.

We have an unwavering commitment to delivering buildings that are safe, high-quality and sustainable. Meeting compliance, both in relation to statutory requirements and at site level is non-negotiable, as is robust design, strict quality control at every stage and safe delivery.

Every construction project is complex in its own way, with many stakeholders involved. Every contract is different and it is important not to lose sight of this and to approach each project afresh.

We ensure clear and fair procurement strategies and, crucially, an in-depth understanding of the various roles and responsibilities of the full supply chain, as opposed to purely the contractor.

Sustainability is a broad term, with the focus rightly on net zero targets and how we can reduce our environmental impact. We are also sharply trained on how we ensure we have a sustainable business that can respond to market demands and meet the ambitious targets we have set.

We know that emissions from buildings and the construction industry need to be reduced. There is no doubt that the current impact is too high, and that the responsibility lies with every business working within the built environment to drive change.

In response, we have set ourselves ambitious targets and have committed to a zero-carbon emissions target by 2045 and a 30% reduction in our carbon intensity. We are confident we can reach these goals, however we realise there is a lot of work to be done to ensure we remain on track.

We are pleased and excited to have been awarded a place on SCAPE’s framework for Northern Ireland and are very much looking forward to working in partnership with SCAPE and local stakeholders."

Michael Graham
Group Executive Chairman | GRAHAM

"We have a proven track record in delivering public sector projects that facilitate the growth of our towns and cities and we now aim to bring forward more successful development over the next four years via this key framework.

This is a significant opportunity for our business and provides further evidence of the strength of the GRAHAM offer and our position as a national contractor.”