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Woodhead Group is a family owned multi-award winning construction company operating across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire. With over 140 employees and an ongoing portfolio of exemplar projects, our teams deliver exceptional value through their courage and passion to do things differently.


Over 40 years design and build, new build, conservation and repairs and maintenance experience and a strong portfolio of projects.


Over 70 awards and commendations in 70 years for our Craftsmanship, Customer Service and Commitment to Quality, Collaborative Working, Sustainability and Corporate and Social Responsibility.


We go the extra mile. We consistently demonstrate outstanding performance beyond the national average in the Considerate Constructors Scheme. In 2016 we delivered the most considerate site under £500,000 in the UK. We regularly score above the industry average which places our sites amongst the best in the country. We also demonstrate exceptional local spend statistics and utilise an integrated local supply chain. We have a robust approach to skills and training, completing enhanced skills plans on the construction projects we deliver. Our customers work collaboratively with us to achieve their corporate social and economic objectives through the construction process.

A construction company committed to making building a better experience for all.