The challenge

With an estimated 700,000 additional primary school places needed by 2020, state-funded education is experiencing an unprecedented period of increased demand. Investment in creating additional places means less funding to maintain an ageing estate. The Priority School Building Programme has sought to address the worst of this backlog, but to date only 261 schools are earmarked to receive funding.

At the same time, schools continue to diversify, with over half of secondary schools now becoming academies, and a multiplicity of new school types (in particular Free Schools and University Technical Colleges) emerging. This change has placed greater emphasis on the role of central government in managing schools and, in particular, capital investment in the sector, via the Education Funding Agency.

Our solution

Our teams have a long standing reputation for delivering quality services to the education sector including modular schools. Across all frameworks and disciplines, each team is dedicated to providing a set of solutions that minimise disruption, support greater levels of operational efficiency and ultimately, deliver environments that positively contribute to the learning experience.

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