Leisure Recreation

Leisure and Recreation

The challenge

Leisure remains the largest non-statutory service that local authorities provide. Ageing stock has received sub-optimal attention to its maintenance for many years. 71% of all swimming pools in the UK are over 42 years old. Of the 2,300 local authority leisure & Recreation facilities in the UK and Wales, 36% are over 40 years old with an additional 400 sites being nearer 50 years old. A recent survey revealed the Government needs to spend about £4billion on its public leisure and recreation buildings to bring them to the appropriate standard. Central Government however still relies on Local Authorities to fund new leisure stock.

Our solution

SCAPE and our framework partners offer a variety of solutions to the leisure market by offering value for money, and well-engineered designs, refurb and service solutions that will serve the community well and that are commercially viable for the long term future.

"This is an impressive building and the facilities inside are the most modern and state-of-the-art available today."

Tim Southern
Councillor, Chairman Hart District Council

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