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Framework Usage Eligibility

Our suite of frameworks are accessible by any public body in the United Kingdom.

Below is a comprehensive list of organisation types, with direct links to the websites that specifically name those organisations.

Please review the full page to see all public bodies, split by England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and Scotland.

The entries below have been reviewed by our procurement team and are correct as of 9th February 2022.


Arc Property Services Partnership LtdLink here
Care HomesLink here
Charities / Third Sector CharitiesLink here
Citizen AdviceLink here
Citizens Advice BureauLink here
College and UniversitiesLink here
FireLink here
Government Schools DirectoryLink here
Government DepartmentsLink here
HospicesLink here
Learning Providers UKLink here
Local AuthoritiesLink here
Mental HealthLink here
National Housing FederationLink here
National ParksLink here
NHS - NHS TrustsLink here
NHS - Clinical Commissioning GroupsLink here
NHS - Area TeamsLink here
NHS - Special Health AuthoritiesLink here
PoliceLink here
Public Sector BodiesLink here
River TrustLink here
School DirectoryLink here
SchoolsLink here
Social CareLink here
Social HousingLink here
UCASLink here
University Listed BodiesLink here


Devolved Public BodiesLink here
Mid and West FireLink here
Midland PoliceLink here
NHS DirectLink here
NHS ServicesLink here
NHS Wales StructureLink here
North FireLink here
North PoliceLink here
PoliceLink here
SchoolsLink here
Social Housing WalesLink here
South FireLink here
South PoliceLink here
UniversitiesLink here
WaterwaysLink here
Welsh GovernmentLink here
Welsh Local Authority LinksLink here
Welsh Local Government Association (WLGA)Link here


CharityLink here
Citizen AdviceLink here
CollegesLink here
Department of EducationLink here
Fire and RescueLink here
Fire and Rescue - AreasLink here
Health and HospitalsLink here
Health and SocialLink here
Health and Social TrustsLink here
Health ServicesLink here
Housing AssociationLink here
HSC ServiceLink here
Local AuthoritiesLink here
NI Government DepartmentsLink here
PoliceLink here
SchoolsLink here
Social HousingLink here
UniversitiesLink here
WaterLink here


Citizens Advice BureauxLink here
CollegesLink here
EducationLink here
Housing AssociationsLink here
Scotland OfficeLink here
Scottish AgenciesLink here
Scottish AmbulanceLink here
Scottish CharitiesLink here
Scottish Fire and RescueLink here
Scottish Further and Higher Education BodiesLink here
Scottish GovernmentLink here
Scottish Housing AssociationsLink here
Scottish Local AuthoritiesLink here
Scottish NHS & BoardsLink here
Scottish ParliamentLink here
Scottish Parliament MembersLink here
Scottish PoliceLink here
Scottish SchoolsLink here
Scottish WaterwaysLink here
WaterwaysLink here